At SomaticLab.Live, we provide people with natural, movement-based solutions to a huge variety of wellness challenges and fitness goals, by providing Nervous System Training just right for them.

Our easy-to-navigate website divides training into clear categories for you, so there is no guessing needed. 

BreathWorx™ training to seriously improve your breathing. 

WellWorx™ training for Practical Movement and Longevity

SmartMove™ training for improved performance in Athletics and Movement Arts

PainWorx™ training for natural trauma recovery

From Ancient Arts, through the most cutting edge scientific modalities, our LIVE and On-Demand Classes radically improve Breathing, Wellness, Easeful Movement and Trauma Recovery; without chemicals or surgery.

Our World Class Instructors can teach you to improve your Wellness and Performance with a wide variety of Somatic Disciplines and training styles. Let us help you find training methods and Instructors just right for you; that match your Interests, Goals, Challenges and State of Health.  Experience the Fast, Natural, and Lasting Benefits of training your nervous system LIVE, at Somatic training @SomaticLab.Live.

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